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  • The Dental Hygienist – V – The Dentist

    A dental hygienist specialises in prevention, as opposed to treatment of dental disease. This is important not just for your dental health, but for your general health as well. Recent research has demonstrated there is an association between poor dental health and certain systemic diseases such as heart disease, Alzheimers and diabetes. Patients with diseased gums release significantly higher levels of bacterial components into the bloodstream where they can travel to other organs in the body. The mouth can be a major source of chronic or permanent release of toxic bacterial components in the bloodstream during chewing.

    Dentists treat dental disease, (such as dental decay) by restoring a tooth using filling materials or crowns.

  • A hygienist’s role is to try to prevent the progress of all types of dental disease. Our hygienists (Juliet and Claire)  will do this by employing a number of techniques:
    1. Treatment of gingivitis (swollen bleeding gums) by scaling and polishing.
    2. Treatment of periodontal disease (more advanced gum disease) by deep cleaning techniques.
    3. Diet advice suitable for your requirements and lifestyle.
    4. Oral hygiene instruction tailored to your needs.
    5. Treatment of bad breath.
    6. Application of fluoride and other strengthening agents to the teeth.
    7. Removal of surface stains and unsightly marks from the surfaces of your teeth.
  • Here are some products we recommend to our patients. Our hygienists are happy to talk you through any of our products to help you maintain your dental hygiene.
  • Here are some questions we get asked a lot regarding a Dental Hygienist visit.
  • Does a Dental Hygienist clean hurt? 
  • Your hygienist treatment should be totally pain-free. However, some patients are more sensitive than others, so if you feel any discomfort – your hygienist can apply an anaesthetic cream.
  • How often should I visit my Dental Hygienist?
  • Most people should visit there Hygienist every 6 months. Some are required to visit every 4 months- your hygienist will give you a recommendation when visiting.
  • Can my Dental Hygienist do teeth whitening?
  • Yes our Hygienists do teeth whitening. You can read all about our teeth whitening here. 
  • To book an appointment with either Juliet or Claire contact T: 01- 4542022 or simply book online here.
  • **Please note, patients are required to have had a dental check up within the last 18 months before visiting our hygienist.