Dental Implants And Treatments in Dublin

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Whilst dental implants look, feel and behave like natural teeth, they require careful cleaning and maintenance in order to secure their long-term success.

The most important part to look after is the area between the gum and the tooth (crown). This must be kept scrupulously clean to avoid any inflammation, which may lead to implant failure.

The modern electric toothbrush has been scientifically proven to be better at removing plaque (the main cause of inflammation). Be careful not to damage the gum around your implant; firm but not excessive pressure is all that is needed. Don’t forget to clean the back/inside of your implant; easily missed if you are in a hurry!

If you are using a manual toothbrush, ensure that the head is not too large to clean in and around all the surfaces of the implant. Bristles should be soft or medium, avoid hard bristles. Do not use a vigorous scrubbing action. You should also consider using specially designed implant brushes with smaller angled heads to clean in and around all surfaces of the implant. These are an inexpensive way to effectively clean around your implant.

Cleaning between the teeth:

Interdental brushes are described by our dental hygienists as “miracle workers” because they allow you to clean where your toothbrush cannot: between the teeth. These little brushes come in different shapes and sizes, and when dipped in an antiseptic mouthwash before use, they significantly enhance the removal of plaque.

Alternatively, instead of interdental brushes, you can use dental floss to clean the spaces in between the teeth. If you are bewildered by the array of flosses and brushes available today, we and our hygienists would be more than happy to advise you on the type best suited to you and how best to use them. Just ask!

Mouthwashes are also an excellent adjunct to promoting your oral health. Again, there are a myriad of products available, and we will be able to advise you on which one is best suited to your needs.

Routine dental check-ups and hygienist visits are vital to maintain a healthy mouth. This will prolong the life of your implant as well as your own natural teeth.

Finally, the single biggest cause of implant failure is smoking. So if are a smoker, and you want to stay healthy and keep your teeth, consider quitting!