This patient, 23 years of age, presented as she was unhappy with her smile. She didn’t want to go the traditional orthodontic treatment route, over a 2 year course, as she was looking for a ‘quick fix’. She went to a dentist in Turkey, who made a treatment plan consisting of two extractions and 15 units of bridgework! A very destructive treatment plan, especially since the patient had perfectly healthy teeth!!

The patient saw the fault of this treatment plan, and decided to go with something a bit more conservative. We used the 6 month smiles technique to correct her mis-aligned teeth, adjusting her orthodontic wires every month.

She is now whitening her teeth, to give them that extra wow-factor. Needless to say, the patient is delighted with the life changing results.

Duration of treatment: 8 months

Dentist: Dr. Riley Lewis
Cost €2600

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