Tip for the day: if you floss, you could add up to 6 years to your life!

In fact, flossing (or using interdental brushes) does two things: it helps to prevent gum disease, as well as improving your cardiac health.

When you clean between the teeth, you help prevent your gums from becoming inflamed (that’s a good thing). If, on the other hand, you leave plaque behind on your teeth you are essentially allowing a chronic bacterial infection to form. This harms your arteries through two mechanisms:

(i) the bugs find their way in to your arteries and where they have little bacteria parties & multiply, hardening the arteries,
and (ii) your body mounts an immune response to the bacteria in your mouth, causing inflammation (which in turn can cause your arteries to narrow). This makes it hard for your heart to do its job and can lead to heart disease.

So, keep flossing, you’ll live longer and be able to enjoy your food along the way!

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