Don’t Let Fear Prevent You From Having Dental Implants

Are you missing some or all of your teeth? Perhaps you are considering having dental implants, but can’t quite imagine coping with the surgery?

This is very common, as people tend to imagine that the process for placing a dental implant is scary, or somehow painful. In fact we take great pains to make sure you are kept very comfortable throughout the whole process, and it hardly takes any time at all to place a single implant. Even so, we do understand that some people will still feel unable to cope, and this would be a great shame as dental implants are an excellent way to replace missing teeth, and if properly cared for could last for a very long time. Luckily we have a solution for patients who have dental fear, as we are able to offer sedation dentistry in Dublin, making it easy to cope with the whole process.

Dental Implant DublinWe Offer Sedation Dentistry

The levels of sedation can vary, from quite light sedation, to sleep dentistry. This is where sedative drugs and pain killers are administered intravenously. This is something that is not available at most dental surgeries, as it does require extensive additional training on the part of the dentist. Portobello Dental Clinic has two dentists with this speciality, as both Dr Helen Walsh and Dr Nick Beirne are able to offer sleep dentistry in Dublin. This ensures the procedure is completely safe and comfortable for you, as you will be fully monitored throughout the whole treatment, so you always receive the correct dose of sedatives and painkillers.

Once you have had the implant inserted into your jawbone then it is simply a matter of waiting for it to heal. We will give you strict instructions on how to care for your implant, as it is important to keep the surgery site clean during this period.

The second part of the procedure is hopefully something that you’ll feel much more comfortable with having done, as it simply involves attaching the abutment to the implant post. The abutment is used to support your final restoration, so that could be a crown, bridge, or an implant supported denture. After this an impression will be taken of the abutment, and this is sent to the dental laboratory so your restoration can be made.

It is well worth trying to overcome your fears and dental phobias in Dublin, so you can receive dental implants. They do cost a bit more than other methods of tooth replacement, but the results are far superior, and will give the best cosmetic results. They can look extremely natural, especially when single implants are used to replace single teeth.

If you are interested, then why not make an appointment to simply come in to the surgery to talk to us? We can take a look at your teeth, and can discuss whether or not you are suitable for dental implants in Dublin. This treatment is great for most people, but it isn’t right for everyone. We can also answer all your questions about the actual surgery, and can hopefully put your mind at rest, at least a little bit.

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