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This patient was unhappy with the spacing between her teeth, especially on her side profile. After an extensive consultation with Dr. Beirne where various different treatment options were explored, it was decided that cosmetic bonding best suited our patients needs and budget.

Treatment:  Before the bonding appointment, the patient did our at home teeth whitening treatment for 3 weeks, (teeth whitening takes a further 3 weeks for the final colour to settle). After this period the patient came in for her bonding appointment.  Cosmetic bonding was carried out on the following teeth;  UL3,UL2,UR2,UR3,UL4, a retainer was also made for the patient.

Duration of treatment: Appointment time for bonding: 2hrs 30mins

Cost of treatment: Cosmetic bonding: €1484.00

Result: The patient was thrilled with the dramatic difference in the shape of her teeth. Bonding has closed the large gaps between her teeth, resulting in beautiful and natural looking teeth.

Dentist: Dr. Nick Beirne

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