Dental fears and phobias are much more common than you might think, and if most people honest than they probably say they feel at least a twinge of anxiety over visiting the dentist. This can become even more of a problem if you haven’t visited a dentist for a number of years and if you just know you really need urgent dental treatment but can’t quite pluck up the courage to ask for it. In fact it’s not uncommon for people to completely avoid having dental treatment until they’re in such pain they’re forced to ask for help. It doesn’t have to be this way, and it’s worth enquiring about sedation dentistry in Dublin, especially as this is something that offered by Portobello Dental Clinic.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is sometimes called sleep dentistry or twilight sedation, even though you don’t actually go to sleep during the process. You will however be heavily sedated, and although you’ll be able to communicate with our staff, and you may even be aware of what is going on around you, you won’t remember much when you come round.

Sedation dentistry uses sedatives and pain relieving drugs to help you become deeply relaxed. This type of sedation is administered intravenously by either Dr Helen Walsh or Dr Nicholas Beirne, both of whom are fully certified and licensed to provide this treatment. You’ll be completely monitored during the whole process so it’s very safe, and it’s perfect if the thought of sitting in the dental chair makes you want to run in the opposite direction. It’s also ideal for patients who are not particularly nervous about visiting the dentist, but who may have particularly sensitive teeth, or who do not respond well to ordinary anaesthetics, or for people who have a particularly strong gag reflex. One of the huge advantages of this type of treatment is that it enables the dentists at Portobello Dental Clinic to complete much larger amounts of treatment during one single session. This means if you haven’t visited the dentist for a while or are in need of extensive treatment, this can be completed much more quickly.

You will need to bring a family member or friend with you to your appointment as you’ll be unable to drive yourself home afterwards, and you may want someone to sit with you for a while afterwards until you’ve recovered.

If you think you could get through treatment without having sleep dentistry, but would still like some extra help, then at Portobello Dental Clinic can definitely offer you extra sedation on top of the normal numbing anaesthetic. The exact level will vary depending on your needs as it will be fully adjusted to suit you. The main thing is to ask us for assistance in dealing with dental phobias and fears, as we are extremely used to helping nervous patients and understand how difficult it can be to seek treatment. If you haven’t managed to visit the dentist for a while, then we certainly won’t judge you, as all want to do is help you to have a nice healthy mouth.

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