People smile as a gesture of goodwill and offer them as a greeting to other people. There are even jobs today that wholly depend on their ability to smile.

These occupations are known as “frontliners”, and are most common in the service industry. They serve as the first line of interaction between a company and its customers, thus the name. Smiling is an incredibly important part of the job, as companies usually want their customers to feel that they are attended to by the most pleasant group of people.

Managers and human resources spend weeks training recruits on the correct way to smile in stressful situations. There is a problem with this tactic, however, known as “the smile myth.” This is the belief that a simple smile is enough to appeal to the better senses of even the most irate customer. The flaw in this thinking though is that people cannot tell the difference between a genuine smile, and a tacked on one. Odds are, flashing a false smile would do more harm than good, and irritate people even more.

There are ways of beating the smile myth, though; one of them is to smile genuinely every time. But, that’s almost impossible in a high stress environment frontliners are expected to thrive in. For frontliners to beat the smile myth, they need to distract the recipient from the problem, so that they can present the explanation to a calmer person.

There is one thing that can possibly distract someone from what they’re talking about: perfectly aligned teeth. This will have a positive result, The problem is, some people may suffer from crooked teeth. Most of these cases may be hereditary, while others may blame modern diet.

Fortunately, we have a way to correct crooked teeth here at Portobello Dental Clinic. We offer Invisalign to ensure you have the smile that you want. The innovative treatment we offer here at our clinic offers a number of benefits, such as:

• Predictable treatment
• Improved periodontal health
• No metal allergies
• Increased treatment visibility and easier planning using our treatment software
• Tailored match to your teeth, for reduced irritation and fewer scratches

To have a perfect smile that can beat the smile myth, give us a call right now.

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