On Saturday 3rd October we are holding a fundraising day here at Portobello Dental Clinic with all proceeds being donated to The Red Cross Syrian Crisis Appeal. We will also be running a raffle over the next 2 weeks leading up to this Charity Day.

Do you need your teeth cleaned? We will be offering hygienist appointments  on this day for €75 with all proceeds raised going to the Red Cross. We ask all patients to please pay by cash for these appointments.


Here is why the Red Cross are so in need of funds and what they are doing so far


  • Over 5,000 people are believed to have lost their lives, while undertaking terrifying journeys to better lives, attempting to reach Europe via the Mediterranean in the last 18 months. This makes these waters the most dangerous borders in the world.
  • These are people with hopes and expectations for a better life. These are people fleeing unimaginable misery and danger and also people trying to escape the sort of poverty that drives some to desperation. The issue is not only confined to the Mediterranean.
  • Similar tragedies have unfolded in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. It is also not an issue confined to dangerous journeys people make by sea, many die or are at risk as they make their way over land and across borders.
  • The Red Cross recognizes that the plight of migrants constitutes a humanitarian emergency.
  • People can help the Red Cross give frightened and desperate people shelter, water, food and basic items such as clothes, hygiene kits, and nappies, as well as medical assistance. We can help give people dignity and help tackle the vulnerabilities of people just like you and I. All they want is a better, safer life.


For more information on the work the Red Cross is doing with the funds raised please check out their website at www.redcross.ie


Many Thanks in advance for your support and generosity

The Team at Portobello Dental Clinic

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