Patient A did not like her smile and was self-conscious about her front teeth. She wanted to return her smile to how it looked before the teeth were worn, but wanted to keep the character and shape of the original teeth, including the gap between the two front teeth (disastema).

We discussed a number of treatment options including tooth whitening, cosmetic bonding, crowns and veneers. We opted for a combination of tooth whitening and cosmetic bonding for the following reasons:

  • Requires absolutely no removal of any precious enamel
  • Very conservative treatment
  • Possible to get an excellent cosmetic result
  • Can easily be repaired in future if required
  • Reduced cost compared to crowns or veneers

The images below are untouched photos of a real patient who recently underwent cosmetic bonding at Portobello Dental Clinic.

A before
Before whitening and cosmetic bonding


A After
After whitening and cosmetic bonding


Treatment carried out by: Dr Nicholas Beirne

Treatment time: 4 visits over 10 weeks

Cost of treatment: €2,200

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