We hope you do, as it is something that can help keep your dental bills to a minimum, and which will help your own teeth to last as long as possible. Even though we can replace your teeth with dental implants in Dublin, we’d rather help you have a naturally healthy smile, and this is something that can be achieved through preventative dental care.

The Importance of Regular Check-ups

Dental Implants DublinRegular check-ups are a great way to get peace of mind that your teeth and gums are in good health. Most people will need to visit Portobello Dental Clinic every six months or so, although some people with certain health conditions may be recommended to visit more frequently. During your check-up one of our dentists will carefully examine your teeth, your gums and your oral tissues.

They will be looking to see if you have any signs of dental decay or any small lesions in your teeth that could indicate the beginning of a cavity. It is much easier to treat dental decay at this stage, and will mean that any fillings will be smaller and cheaper. In addition it will help to prevent the decay from spreading, as otherwise it could reach the inner part of your tooth which is called the pulp, resulting in infection and toothache. By this stage you may need root canal therapy, and the tooth might require crowning.

Your gums will be examined to make sure you do not have any early signs of gum disease. This is a common condition that will affect most people during their lifetime. Gum disease is the most common cause of tooth loss, and could mean you do end up requiring dental implants in Dublin after all.

You might notice your dentist examining your oral tissues, including your tongue, and this is a very important part of your check-up, and has the potential to save lives. This is a screening for mouth cancer, a disease that is often diagnosed rather late when the prognosis is far less favourable. Symptoms can include ulcers that fail to heal within three weeks, or noticing changes to the tissues in your mouth, for example areas that have changed colour, or which have become rougher or thicker. IF you do think something is wrong then give us a call for help and advice.

Dental Hygiene Appointments

Dental hygiene appointments are another valuable part of your preventative dental care regime, as our hygienist will remove the hardened tartar from your teeth, reducing the risk of gum disease. Tartar is made up of hardened plaque bacteria, and has the ability to cause inflammation and infection in your gums. Regular removal will ensure your gums stay healthy, and there is an added benefit in that your teeth will look a bit whiter due to being polished, and your breath will be fresher.

Ask us about how to care for your teeth and gums at home, as it is important that you brush twice daily and floss once a day. We know many people find it awkward to floss, but there are alternative tools such as interdental brushes that help to make the task easier and more effective.

Preventative dental care appointments by our dentist in Dublin at Portobello Dental Clinic will only take an hour or so of your time every six months, and a good home dental care regime will take less than ten minutes a day. This isn’t much to keep your smile in great condition.

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