29756 smile
Central incisors too big?
29756 smile after
Or were the lateral incisors too small?













C did not like her smile, and felt that her two front teeth (central incisors) looked too big. When we analysed her smile however, we felt that the problem was that the two teeth beside the front teeth (lateral incisors) were too small, with old and stained white fillings. SO, rather than reduce the two central incisors – we added to the laterals. This is a more conservative treatment, and creates the impression of a more even and harmonious smile.

Treatment involved an initial course of whitening, followed by a try-in of porcelain veneers before finishing with cosmetic bonding. Interestingly, this was a case where cosmetic bonding proved to give us a better cosmetic outcome that porcelain veneers.

Treatment carried out by: Dr Nicholas Beirne.

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