The short answer is: maybe 🙂

Many people grind their teeth at night time, and it’s not uncommon for us at Portobello Dental Clinic to see patients with very worn teeth from grinding. Whilst this is obviously very destructive to the teeth, it also puts a lot of strain on the whole masticatory system; that is to say all the chewing muscles and the jaw joints.


moderate-tooth-wear   excessive-tooth-wear

So what has all this got to do with headaches? It is estimated that in chronic headache sufferers (including migraines), approximately 15% of  cases are related to the chewing muscles or the jaw joints. A muscle that is overused, such as during night time grinding, can go into spasm causing severe and long-term pain. The path of this pain is often not directly over the muscle, but can be referred to the ear, below the eye or the back of the head.

Our comprehensive consultation includes assessment of the jaw joint and chewing muscles of the face as well as the degree of tooth wear, so if you feel that you may be grinding your teeth, don’t ignore it.

OK, it’s a cliché, but prevention really is is better than cure.

Worn teeth
A real case of worn teeth due to grinding




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