Before treatment
After just one appointment!

These photographs are untouched

Treatment : This patient did not like her discoloured front teeth, and the failing composites which had been placed some years beforehand. We discussed all the treatment options including porcelain crowns, veneers and cosmetic bonding. She decided to opt for cosmetic bonding because :
a) it is possible to do in a single appointment,
b) reduced cost compared to other treatments,
c) although not quite as cosmetic as porcelain veneers, it is still possible to get a very good aesthetic result.
Cosmetic bonding was performed on the two front teeth in a single appointment. These composites are a big improvement on the originals, but it is likely that they will need to be replaced in about 7-8 years’ time

Treatment carried out by: Dr Nicholas Beirne

Treatment time: Single appointment (+ whitening)

Cost of treatment: €480

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