Patient: Noel, aged late 20’s /early 30’s has been a patient of Dr Helen Walsh for the last 10 years, and had at many times considered some cosmetic work on his front teeth, which had been fractured as a child, and repaired regularly in the intervening years. He was mostly concerned about the actual treatment involved, though cost, as with everyone was an issue also.

Treatment:He finally decided to go ahead and have cosmetic work started on his teeth in November 2010. We started by whitening all his teeth, including the damaged front teeth, and then when we were happy with the colour he achieved, we prepared 3 of his front teeth for porcelain crowns, and 1 for a porcelain veneer.These were fitted in February 2011.
Noel is so happy with the treatment and care provided, and wishes he did this a long time ago–see his video testimonial on our site re this.

Duration of treatment: Nov 2010 to Feb 2011

Cost : €349 whitening, followed by 3 super aesthetic Porcelain Crowns and 1 Porcelain Veneer €2,893

Treatment done by: Dr. Helen Walsh.

No re-touching of photographs has been done.

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