In dentistry, there are a number of different solutions to every problem; in fact deciding which treatment is best suited for each individual patient can be as challenging as actually carrying out the treatment.

This patient did not like the appearance of her smile, in fact she had hated it for most of her life, and hardly ever smiled. When I aksed her why she had never done something about it before, she told me that she was worried:�
a) it would cost too much
b) it would take too long
c) she absolutely did not want braces
d) she wanted them to look better – they didn’t have to look “perfect”

We discussed all the ways to improve her smile, and decided to use advanced dental bonding techniques to add to the teeth and close the spaces. This treatment is inexpensive, can be carried out in one appointment and does not involve braces, so it was ideal for her.

Treatment time: 3 hours
Treatment cost: €920
Treatment carried out by:Dr Nicholas Beirne 

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