Ian came to us unsatisfied with his smile and knowing he had dental work outstanding.

We consulted with him and formulated a plan that suited him. Ian had some restorative work that needed to be completed first to ensure his teeth and gums were healthy and following this Ian had short term orthodontics and 3 anterior crowns with one veneer.

The whole process took 7 months to complete and Ian attended for his final review appointment this week.

The results speak for themselves!

What I like about this case is the effect the smile has on Ian’s face and confidence as a whole! Well worth the time and effort, well done Ian!

ianpresmileianpostsmile ianpreface ianpostface

All work carried out over a 7 month period by Dr Ed Madeley of Portobello Dental Clinic.

(No photoshop or retouching of the photos)


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