A Testimonial  from a nervous patient

I have PTSD, which means that if I’m treated in a way that reminds me of certain unpleasant events, my body’s stress reaction is extreme. Before I got this, I was afraid of dentists as a child and in my teens but overcame that fear in my 20s. When the dentist in whom I’d placed my trust for three decades put me back to square one, I knew I needed something special from my next dentist – whenever I found the courage to approach one again. Well, I got what I needed, and more, at Portobello Dental. Dr. Helen Walsh performed root canal treatment on me and fitted two crowns with NO angst whatsoever and minimal physical discomfort for me. I told her about my problems, she understood, gave me full information and answered all my questions. Her hygienist, Gina Staunton, was great too. Mind you, I knew things would go well when the taxidriver who ferried me to my first appointment launched into a hymn of praise for Dr. Walsh when I said where I was headed!

Thanks and best wishes.




A review from Ruth Dixon on whatclinic.com

6 month braces

Were you pleased with the treatment

Brilliant results from 6 months smile braces for the first time, I even smiled for photos this Xmas! Dr Edward Madeley was a joy. Great dentist made me laugh a lot and Bianca on reception always made me smile even though all my appointments were at 8am!


6 month braces


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