Mouth props.

Patients either love them or hate them. The muscles of the mouth have evolved to crush our ancestors’ foragings (berries, wooly mammoth pie etc), but are hopeless at keeping open for long periods. A mouth-prop gives patients something to rest against during treatment, and most people find that it makes long appointments much more comfortable.

Critically, mouth props also represent an excellent opportunity for the dentist to pontificate at length on any number of subjects, without fear of contradiction. The more outrageous the statement, the better.

Some of my favorites include:

– “Wouldn’t Biffo have made a great president all the same?”
– “For hygiene reasons all our instruments are disposable; recycling is overrated anyway”
or “Bono is a tax avoider and should be sent to prison.”

If you have any other suggestions for subjects, or statements that we can add to our repertoire, please suggest!

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