A perfect smile in a matter of weeks!

10th May, 2016

Patient S was self conscious about the discoloured marks and the gaps between her front teeth, but she thought the only way to fix them was to crown them.

While crowns and veneers can be a great solution in certain situations, we felt that we could get an excellent result here with the much less invasive approach of tooth whitening and cosmetic bonding. We gently whitened the teeth over a 2 week period, and then built up the two front teeth to give them back a much more pleasing shape and colour.

See for yourself and let us know what you think!

Before whitening and bonding
Before whitening and bonding
After tooth whitening and cosmetic bonding
After tooth whitening and cosmetic bonding.


Treatment : Tooth whitening and cosmetic bonding

Cost : €850

Treatment performed by : Dr Nicholas Beirne

Did you know – poor oral health can increase the risk of breast cancer?

6th January, 2016

New research indicates that having untreated gum disease could significantly increase the risk of developing breast cancer.

We all know the big risk factors for cancer such as smoking, alcohol and other dietary and lifestyle factors. What is not so well known, however is how your oral health can influence your general health, and how poor oral health can lead to an increase risk of diseases including:
• Breast cancer,
• Cardiovascular disease (people with gum disease are almost twice as likely to develop coronary artery disease),
• Prostate cancer,
• Diabetes,
• Pre-term birth and low birth weight for pregnant women,
• Reduced fertility and difficulty in becoming pregnant.

This may seem unlikely, but the mechanism of action particularly in relation to heart disease is well understood.
Put simply, bacterial plaque irritates your gums, which, when inflamed look red, puffy and bleed easily. The total surface area of your gums is about 4 inches squared (about the size of the palm of your hand). If you had a 4sq inch patch of your skin constantly inflamed and bleeding, that would naturally be a concern.

Sometimes, it’s helpful to think of gum disease as a battle taking place between the warring sides of bacteria on one side, and your body’s immune system on the other side. The “shrapnel” from this war contains toxins (cytokines) which can leech into your blood system. Over a lifetime, these are very destructive to your general health. The good news is that it’s easy to prevent this, and in doing so reduce your risk of developing these diseases.

So what can you do?
Visit the dentist/hygienist for a professional clean every 6 months (3 months for periodontal disease sufferers)
Employ effective oral hygiene regimes. Make sure to clean the inside and the outside of all of your teeth, particularly where the teeth meet the gums. For most people, this is best achieved by using an electric toothbrush. However, this will not clean between the teeth, where much of the bacteria resides. To do that you should use floss, interdental brushes, a Waterpik toothbrush or Easypicks (Tepe).
Don’t smoke
Leading a healthy lifestyle, including good diet, enough sleep and minimising stress has also been shown to be effective in preventing periodontal disease.


How can you transform your smile without veneers or crowns, and with no drilling and no braces?

19th November, 2015

Patient G wanted to improve her smile without using braces or porcelain veneers.

She particularly wanted a wider smile, but also would like them to be a little straighter and whiter!

No problem! With Cosmetic bonding, we can totally transform a smile, and when combined with tooth whitening, we can get a fantastic result without having to do any drilling or enamel removal.

  • Requires absolutely no removal of any precious enamel
  • Very conservative treatment
  • Possible to get an excellent cosmetic result
  • Can easily be repaired in future if required
  • Reduced cost vs. crowns or veneers


The images below are untouched photos of a patient G who recently underwent tooth whitening & cosmetic bonding at Portobello Dental Clinic.

smile before
Before whitening and cosmetic bonding


Smile after
After whitening and cosmetic bonding


Treatment carried out by: Dr Nicholas Beirne

Treatment time: 2 visits over 10 weeks

Cost of treatment: €1,490

Cosmetic bonding can totally transform a smile- you won’t believe this is the same person!

23rd September, 2015

Patient A did not like her smile and was self-conscious about her front teeth. She wanted to return her smile to how it looked before the teeth were worn, but wanted to keep the character and shape of the original teeth, including the gap between the two front teeth (disastema).

We discussed a number of treatment options including tooth whitening, cosmetic bonding, crowns and veneers. We opted for a combination of tooth whitening and cosmetic bonding for the following reasons:

  • Requires absolutely no removal of any precious enamel
  • Very conservative treatment
  • Possible to get an excellent cosmetic result
  • Can easily be repaired in future if required
  • Reduced cost compared to crowns or veneers

The images below are untouched photos of a real patient who recently underwent cosmetic bonding at Portobello Dental Clinic.

A before
Before whitening and cosmetic bonding


A After
After whitening and cosmetic bonding


Treatment carried out by: Dr Nicholas Beirne

Treatment time: 4 visits over 10 weeks

Cost of treatment: €2,200

Charity Day – Saturday October 3rd 2015

16th September, 2015

On Saturday 3rd October we are holding a fundraising day here at Portobello Dental Clinic with all proceeds being donated to The Red Cross Syrian Crisis Appeal. We will also be running a raffle over the next 2 weeks leading up to this Charity Day.

Do you need your teeth cleaned? We will be offering hygienist appointments  on this day for €75 with all proceeds raised going to the Red Cross. We ask all patients to please pay by cash for these appointments.


Here is why the Red Cross are so in need of funds and what they are doing so far


  • Over 5,000 people are believed to have lost their lives, while undertaking terrifying journeys to better lives, attempting to reach Europe via the Mediterranean in the last 18 months. This makes these waters the most dangerous borders in the world.
  • These are people with hopes and expectations for a better life. These are people fleeing unimaginable misery and danger and also people trying to escape the sort of poverty that drives some to desperation. The issue is not only confined to the Mediterranean.
  • Similar tragedies have unfolded in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. It is also not an issue confined to dangerous journeys people make by sea, many die or are at risk as they make their way over land and across borders.
  • The Red Cross recognizes that the plight of migrants constitutes a humanitarian emergency.
  • People can help the Red Cross give frightened and desperate people shelter, water, food and basic items such as clothes, hygiene kits, and nappies, as well as medical assistance. We can help give people dignity and help tackle the vulnerabilities of people just like you and I. All they want is a better, safer life.


For more information on the work the Red Cross is doing with the funds raised please check out their website at www.redcross.ie


Many Thanks in advance for your support and generosity

The Team at Portobello Dental Clinic

Dental makeover in just 5 months….see for yourself….

21st August, 2015


Patient: Lady in her 30’s wanted more balance in her smile and came to Portobello Dental Clinic




cc pre 7



cc post 3



Treatment: Short term orthodontics using the six month smiles system


Duration of treatment : 5 months.


Cost: € 2995 including upper and lower fixed and removable retainers, as well as professional tooth whitening.


Dentist: Dr Helen Walsh


No re-touching of photographs has been done.


Patient testimonial (HW)

7th August, 2015

Orthodontics and whitening–make a great team!!

24th July, 2015

sc pre


Patient: Man in his 30’s was keen to have whiter straighter teeth.

Treatment: Six month smiles Orthodontics, followed by whitening.


post ortho  sc


Duration of treatment: 9 months.

Cost € 2995 which included upper and lower fixed bonded retainers, upper and lower removable retainers and full mouth whitening.

Dentist: Dr Helen Walsh


No Re-touching of photographs has been done.





Subtle changes but stunning transformation-cosmetic bonding at Portobello

10th July, 2015

pre bonding 5 aq

Patient: Lady in her 20’s was keen to change her smile for her wedding but was not keen to have her teeth “drilled”.

Treatment: Cosmetic bonding on her top four front teeth.


post bonding 7 aq

Duration of treatment: Three treatment planning visits including a try in of proposed bonding to each tooth so  she could visualise the exact result, then one long (3 hours) visit in the chair for the actual bonding process.

Cost : € 1376

Dentist: Dr Helen Walsh



No re-touching of photographs has been done.


Travel tips for teeth – look after your teeth and mouth on holidays

3rd July, 2015

Hurray for the annual summer holiday! At this time of year, dental patients may have concerns about having dental treatment before setting off on vacation.

Some of the more frequently asked questions include; Can I fly the day after getting a filling? Why do I get a cold sore every summer holiday? Is it ok to I leave my electric toothbrush at home?

© Jyothi | Dreamstime Stock Photos

There is no contraindication to flying after routine dental work such as fillings, crowns etc but our dentists advise at least a day or two of rest immediately after surgical procedures such as an extraction. ‘If you undergo surgery you probably won’t feel up to travelling, as you may feel physically tired or drained,’ Dr Helen Walsh says. ‘It’s best to avoid surgery if possible before a long haul flight where jet lag may come into play as well.’

Following implant surgery, Dr Nick Beirne strongly advises waiting at least 48 hours before flying. ‘You need time to rest and recover before placing yourself in a highly air-conditioned cabin,’ he says. ‘With implants, the sinuses can also be involved so It’s best to avoid the high pressure atmosphere for a while after this surgery.’


Remember to include your lips when lathering on the sun lotion. They do not produce protective melanin so need sunscreen too. In warmer climes a lip balm in a high factor such as SPF50 is best, but the Irish Cancer Society recommends in their sun smart code an absolute minimum of SPF15 for adults and SPF30+ for children. Use a water resistant balm, such as zinc oxide, when in the sea or pool and reapply regularly.

sunscreening lipsticks can come in pretty shades

Avoid shiny lip balms and lipsticks with no or low SPF when in the sun. They may lead to burning by allowing the sun’s rays to reach deeper into the skin. Serious or repeated sun damage can result in lip cancer.

Ladies- no need to fear a white or waxy residue. Sunscreen lipsticks, including zinc oxide balms, are now available in a range of pretty shades and often contain added moisturising or nutritive ingredients! Just be sure to go for a high SPF and check that the product has both UVB and UVA filters. 

cold sore
Herpes(PHIL 1573)


UV light from the sun can trigger cold sores in some sufferers. Reduce the risk of a break out by applying SPF50 lip balm and wearing a hat with a brim wide enough to shade your mouth. If you suffer from cold sores, be prepared and pack your usual medicated treatment, e.g. Zovirax, in case of a flare-up.

© Teodor Ostojic | Dreamstime Stock Photos


When on holidays, why take a break from the oral hygiene regime laid out for you by your hygienist? ‘Bring whatever interdental aids (e.g. Tepe brushes, floss picks etc) that have been recommended for you,’ says Joann Marshall, one of our Dental Hygienists at Portobello Dental Clinic. ‘Charge up your electric toothbrush, and bring it and your charger with you if you use one,’ she adds. Many countries use two-pin sockets suitable to an electric toothbrush so you may be able to leave your adaptor at home.


If you are planning on enjoying the local red wines or visiting vineyards you may experience red wine staining in the mouth.  ‘Red wine will stain some people’s teeth, but not everyone’s,’ explains Joann. ‘The only way to avoid it is not to drink red wine, but using a straw can slow down staining and keep it more to the back of the teeth.’

Be wary of internet myths about how to deal with ‘‘purple mouth’’ caused by red wine staining. Some improvised methods are very acidic and can be harmful to teeth.  ‘Seeing your dental hygienist after the holiday is the only treatment for it,’ advises Joann.

She also recommends using a straw if drinking those tempting, but acidic, fruity cocktails and juices and sugary sodas, not only on holidays but all year round.

So are you all packed and ready to go?

Passport? Check. Beach towel? Check. Tooth and mouth care? No problem!