My front teeth were crooked and unsightly and had been bothering me for years, I had researched orthodontists both in the Republic and the North (hoping to find a better deal) but they were all over-priced, inflexible in their treatment plans or just not people I would feel comfortable with. When I found out that Dr Beirne was doing cosmetic dentistry I was delighted as I’d already been to Portobello Clinic for a filling years back and really liked them. It was brilliant to get everything done in one clinic, with one overall, reasonable price. Amazing job by the lovely hygienist who really had her work cut out with a smoker, wine drinker and reluctant flosser!! Had a couple of fillings before the braces went on. Dr Beirne genuinely listened and understood when I explained what bothered me most about my teeth, how long I could bear to wear braces at my age, what my budget was etc.. During the 6 or 7 months of treatment, if I had a concern Dr Beirne would call with a solution or reassurance. In fact all the staff that I dealt with in Portobello Clinic were helpful and friendly. The end result is even better than I had hoped for!!!! I have had the braces off about 5 or 6 weeks and I’m so happy, I think my teeth look beautiful, they feel perfect, and I’ve even been complimented on my nice smile 🙂 Karen.

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