The answer is a resounding yes! Dental implants are absolutely perfect for replacing just a single missing tooth. Portobello Dental Clinic can make you an extremely natural looking tooth, and although the process may take a little longer than the alternative methods of replacement, it’s well worth the extra effort and small additional cost.

Dental Implant DublinYou’ll need to visit our dental clinic to see whether or not this treatment is suitable for you, as you must be in good general health, and shouldn’t smoke or have any untreated dental diseases. This is your chance to discuss the pros and cons of having a dental implant in Dublin with us. If you decide to go ahead, we will need to plan your treatment extremely carefully. This involves taking x-rays of your teeth, and quite possibly a CT scan. This enables us to see exactly where other structures in your mouth are located, so the implant can be accurately and safely placed while still maintaining excellent aesthetics.

The actual process to place the implant is really quite quick, especially for a single dental implant in Dublin. Most patients find the procedure perfectly tolerable with just a local anaesthetic, but if you’re particularly nervous then do ask us about extra sedation, and you’ll find Portobello Dental Clinic is particularly good at helping nervous patients.

Once the implant is in place then it needs to be left to heal for a few months. This process is absolutely vital to the success of the implant as it allows something called Osseo integration to take place. The implant post is made from titanium as this is extremely biocompatible with the human body, and it’s especially treated to enable new bone cells to grow around and on the post, so it integrates with your body. Once this process is completed, then the titanium post should be firmly bonded in your jaw, and will be able to support your new crown.

The next part of the treatment will be to connect the abutment to the post. This is used to support your crown, and protrudes just above your gum line. It’s securely screwed into position and is completely covered by the crown. The abutment can either be made from metal, or if you’re interested in obtaining the very best cosmetic results then you might want to have a zirconium abutment. Zirconia is an extremely strong material, and its tooth coloured! Your crown will be fabricated from zirconium which is then covered with a special type of porcelain. The major advantage of choosing this type of restoration is that it has liveliness and translucency that closely replicates a natural tooth. This is because the light can pass straight through the restoration. Porcelain bonded to metal crown can still look extremely good, but doesn’t quite have the same amount of translucency. This is because the metal has to be blocked out with opaque porcelain to prevent it from shining through.

We will only recommend you have a dental implant if we think it’s the right course of action for you. Our dental implants in Dublin have an extremely high success rate, and when properly cared for they can last a very long time, making this a cost-effective treatment in the longer term.

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