The above patient presented to my surgery complaining of dark, stained teeth, and unsightly composite restorations on his anterior teeth.  The patient had fallen off of his bike as a child, and had his teeth repaired several times since.  Porcelain crowns were the ideal solution to restore his heavily filled anterior teeth, as these will help stabilise, and strengthen his front teeth, as well as providing an excellent aesthetic result.

The teeth were cleaned; and once a good level of oral hygiene was achieved by the patient, we were able to crown the four centre front teeth.  No bleaching took place, as the patient was happy enough with the colour of his front teeth.  The transformation was increadable.

Duration of treatment: Gum treatment carried out in August 2010; Crowns done over two visits 6 months later.

Cost : 4 Super aesthetic Porcelain Crowns  €2,200

Treatment done by: Dr. Riley Lewis

No re-touching of photographs has been done.

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