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Oil Pulling is an ancient remedy for oral health and detoxification which goes back over 2,500 years based on concepts from traditional Indian medicine, Ayurveda that claims that oil nourishes body tissue believing it has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. Oil Pulling claims to help with all types of medical conditions from headaches to liver complaints as well as improving oral health and the whiteness of teeth by pulling harmful bacteria and organisms off of the surface of teeth and gums.
Sesame Oil is probably the most common oil that is used for oil pulling however a lot of people prefer Coconut Oil as 50% of the fat in it is composed of bacteria killing Lauric Acid. Whichever you choose to use here is a little how to guide.

Sesame Oil




A tablespoon of cold organic sesame oil should be placed into the mouth and swished around for 10-15 minutes then spat out.
Coconut Oil

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A tablespoon of coconut oil will have to be chewed on for a few seconds for it to melt as it is solid at room temperature. It should then be swished around the mouth for 20 minutes then spat out.
Please Note
If you decide to try oil pulling please note it should be done daily and only used in conjunction with flossing and brushing not instead of. There has been very little study carried out on the long-term effects of oil pulling on oral health but it can’t hurt and there certainly is a link between systemic health and oral health.

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