Treatment : This patient was not happy with the look of her front teeth and smile.  She came in interested in veneering her front teeth to give herself an instant smile makeover.  The patient had considered orthodontic treatment, but did not want to go through 2 years of treatment.

We went through her options; and came to the conclusion that veneer work would be too drastic, as her teeth were in great condition.  Inman was the perfect solution, as it would straighten the teeth in a matter of weeks, and maintain the integrity of the teeth, and require no removal of healthy tooth substance.  Inmans innovative design means that this is much faster than traditional orthodontics.  The cost of inman aligner is also less than veneers, and because we maintain your own teeth, the results will last a lifetime.

Advantages of Inman Appliances:
* Quick

* No tooth preparation (drilling)

* Good cosmetic result

* Lower cost

* Straight teeth will last a lifetime!

* Able to remove the appliance at social occasions (but we still require you to wear it 20 hours per day to ensure the quickest result)

Treatment carried out by: Dr Riley Lewis

Treatment time: 5 visits over 10 weeks
Cost of treatment: €1,700

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