Treatment : This patient was not happy with the look of her front teeth and smile.  She came in interested in placing veneers on her front teeth to give herself an instant smile makeover.  We were on a time schedule, as the patient was getting married in the upcoming months.

As her teeth were very healthy, and had a nice shape, I advised the patient that veneers would likely be too drastic and damaging to her dentition.  She was a perfect candidate for the Inman Aligner.

After 12 weeks of wearing the appliance, and one week of bleaching, the patient has a perfect, beautiful smile in time for the wedding photos.

What I love about this result is:
* We didn’t have to cut the teeth like we would for veneers
* No need for future repairs
* Cheap (less than half the cost of veneers)
* Looks great – these are her own teeth and they are fantastic!

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