Patient: Claire, aged 30 was concerned about the appearance of her front teeth, and we discussed the options with them which included crowns–but we decided to use a minimal intervention approach, and cosmetically bond her teeth to reduce treatment time and costs whilst achieving an excellent result. She is now smiling very happily and with confidence!

Treatment: Cosmetic Bonding of her top front teeth after a course of tooth whitening.

Cost:€207 Bonding and €349 whitening

Treatment time: 45 minutes in chair, after whitening treatment completed.

Treatment done by Dr Helen Walsh

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Patient: Brian aged 33 years was unhappy with the shape and colour of his teeth. After discussing various options including Orthodontics, we decided to do a course of tooth whitening followed by cosmetic bonding of his front teeth to change their shape.

Treatment: Tooth Whitening followed by Cosmetic Tooth Bonding.

Duration of treatment:  Slow-release whitening followed by one visit in the chair for Cosmetic Bonding.

Cost: €349 Whitening and €600 Cosmetic Bonding.

Treatment done by Dr. Helen Walsh.

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Treatment : This patient did not like the spaces between her teeth. We discussed all the treatment options and decided to opt for tooth whitening and cosmetic bonding. Matching the shade of the cosmetic exactly to that of the surrounding teeth can be challenging; our criteria for success is that the results should be invisible from normal speaking distance. You can see from the photographs that even under close scrutiny, it is almost impossible to see the join.

So why choose  bonding over veneers? There is no right and wrong answer – we consider each case individually and both treatments can give outstanding results.

Advantages of Cosmetic bonding:
* Quick
* Little or no preparation of the teeth (cutting/drilling)
* Good cosmetic result
* Lower cost

Advantages of porcelain veneers:
* Excellent cosmetic results possible
* Longer life span (10yrs + average)

Treatment carried out by: Dr Nicholas Beirne
Treatment time: 3 visits over 6 weeks
Cost of treatment: €1,400

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Treatment : This girl did not like the uneven appearnace of the small teeth either side of the two front teeth (lateral incisors). When she came to Portobello Dental Clinic for her first appointment, we discussed all the treatment options including braces, porcelain veneers, cosmetic recontouring and cosmetic bonding. We decided to opt for tooth whitening, cosmetic recontouring and cosmetic bonding because:
* There is no drilling or preparation of the teeth
* Treatment can be completed withing a matter of weeks
* Reduction in cost of treatment

Treatment carried out by: Dr Nicholas Beirne

Treatment time: 4 apointments over 6 weeks

Cost of treatment: €849

Before :

After :

Treatment: Cosmetic bonding and tooth whitening. This treatment is very conservative; we added to, but did not cut away any of Denise’s existing teeth. Because of the way this treatment is done there is no drilling, and no need for any injections or anasthetic, and the whole proocess is entirely painless. See Denise’s video here

Treatment carried out by : Dr Nicholas Beirne

Treatment time : 3 visits over five weeks

Cost of treatment: €850