pre-ortho 3
Patient unhappy with overlapping on front teeth
post ortho 4
After ortho treatment – massive difference in only a few months
post ortho 2
Massive smile from this patient – just in time for her wedding too!


Patient: Female in her late 20’s and obviously wanted her teeth to look better for her forthcoming wedding… pressure then at all….?

Treatment: Short term Orthodontics wit Dr Helen Walsh

Duration of treatment: 7 months approx.

Cost of treatment : € 2995, which includes a hygienist visit  and full mouth whitening after orthodontic treatment complete, as well as upper and lower fixed and removable retainers.

No re-touching of photos has been done.



If you ask an adult to list what their biggest fear is, usually a “fear of the dentist” will feature highly within that list. Children quite often express a similar fear of the dentist, and bizarrely, this is often without having had any experience of dentists or dental treatment. Maybe it’s because of what they hear from us adults, and also the fact that dentists are usually associated with having a drill and sharp instruments!

This fear, and how we manage it, is what prompted us to introduce a treatment called Inhalation Sedation to the practice.

What is Inhalation Sedation?

Inhalation Sedation (or “happy air” as its also known) in dental treatment helps alleviate dental anxiety in children.

How it wor3ks….. 

The process involves the child breathing in a special “happy air” (nitrous oxide and oxygen) through a small nose piece. This in turn leads to a pleasant, relaxed floating feeling- much like day dreaming. Most children become less aware of their surroundings making the dental treatment easy and comfortable for them.
If your child is having a filling or a tooth removed under local anaesthetic ( tooth numbing solution also known as the “injection” ),  the breathing of the “happy air” will take most of the anxiety associated with this away for the child, thus making it more tolerable. It is important to note that we will still need to use local anesthetic in most situations.

Who would benefit from Inhalation Sedation?

Inhalation sedation works very well with children who have a mild to moderate dental anxiety. It also works well for children who have a gag reflex that interferes with dental care. Children with certain special needs have benefited greatly from the process. In all instances, your child must be willing to co-operate for inhalation sedation to be useful for them.

How will my child feel after the treatment?

Once the gas is turned off, the effects wear off quickly. By the time your child leaves the practice at the end of their treatment the “happy air” should be out of their system.

Is the treatment safe?

Inhalation sedation is very safe. It works quickly, is reversible, can be adjusted in various concentrations and is non allergenic. While sounds and noises will seem more distant, your child will not go asleep and will be aware of their surroundings throughout the dental treatment.

How will it help my child in the long term?

We strongly believe in the use of inhalation sedation treatment when appropriate to improve a child’s comfort during treatment and to allow treatment to be carried out as easily as possible in order to build a child’s1 confidence in the dental surgery until such a point that they can have treatment without it.




Dr Daisy McCarthy is our dentist with a special interest in children’s dentistry who is highly trained and experienced in treating children under inhalation sedation. You can read all about her here. If you would like further information on inhalation sedation for your child please contact us on T: 01 4542022 or alternatively if you would like to book an appointment with Dr. McCarthy you can book online here.


Dental phobia is incredibly common, but many people feel unable to voice their concerns in case they’re told they’re simply being silly. This is not something that will happen when you visit Portobello Dental Clinic. Our dentists are extremely sympathetic towards people with dental phobias, and we are highly experienced in providing dental care in a way that is easy to manage for those who are particularly anxious.

sedation dentistry DublinThe main thing to bear in mind is that you’re not alone, and that there are people who understood your anxieties and who can help you. Some people who have not felt able to visit a dentist in decades are worried and embarrassed about the state of their teeth. You can rest assured our dentist in Dublin will probably have seen worse and won’t judge you in any way at all, and we won’t lecture you.

Our aim is to make sure your experience of visiting a dental clinic is positive. After all your dentist is a professional who’s trained to help people just like you. You’ll find we take your dental anxiety extremely seriously, and there are lots of little things that we can do to help make each visit more pleasant and bearable. One of the things we find that really helps is to ensure we see you on time, as we realise many patients feel anxious simply sitting in our comfortable waiting room, even though we’ve done our best to make it as relaxing as possible.

Your First Visit Is Just a Check-up

Your first visit is just a check-up, and this is your chance to become familiar with the dental clinic. Hopefully you’ll already have talked to us about your dental fears as this will help us to make sure the appointment proceeds at a pace you’re comfortable with. We will not do anything without your consent, and always remember you’re in control the whole time.

Sedation Dentistry Keeps Things Comfortable

All of our dentists are trained in sedation dentistry and what this means is that they are fully qualified to provide oral and intravenous sedation. This helps to ensure that your dental treatments are completely comfortable and manageable. It’s also ideal for anyone who has a phobia about the sights and sounds and smells of a dental clinic or who has a strong gag reflex. It can also just as easily be used to treat someone who needs quite a few procedures, as sedation dentistry in Dublin allows us to carry out several different procedures during just one pain-free and comfortable appointment.

Knowledge Is Power

Other common concerns include not knowing what’s going on during the procedure. All our dentists in Dublin will take the time to explain exactly what’s going on during a procedure so you know exactly what to expect during treatment. It is often difficult to take in information when sitting in the dentist chair, especially when you’re feeling particularly anxious and this is something that we understand. If we’ve explained something to you and you still don’t quite get it, please feel free to ask us again. We will also provide you with a written treatment plan that includes estimated costs of treatments. We will only ever suggest treatment that is necessary to restore your teeth to dental health so you can rest assured we will not carry out any unnecessary procedures.

Does the mere thought of going to the dentist bring you out in a cold sweat? You’re not alone, but there is no need to let dental fears and phobias prevent you from getting the smile you’d love. Portobello Dental Clinic is able to offer its patients a range of sedation dentistry techniques, starting from very light sedation, right up to twilight or sleep sedation dentistry in Dublin.

Sympathetic and Gentle Dental Care

sedation dentistry DublinAll of the dentists in Dublin at Portobello Dental Clinic have studied and qualified with the Society for the Advancement of Anaesthesia in Dentistry, and can safely administer both oral and intravenous sedation. In addition you’ll find the whole dental team is extremely sympathetic towards people with dental phobias, and will do everything possible to make it easy for you to visit us. This includes simple solutions such as making sure we see you on time, and making the time to talk to you and listen to your concerns.

We see many patients who haven’t felt able to visit the dentist for years, so there’s no need to be concerned that we will judge you in any way for not visiting us sooner. Having painful or broken teeth is no fun, but a smile makeover could make it the world of difference. We’ll need to give your full assessment, but it’s important to remember that at the first appointment we will be doing nothing more than looking at your teeth as there will be no treatment involved at this stage. If you do have any dental problems then we will need to work with you to resolve them before we can begin your smile makeover. This is where sedation dentistry can be very helpful, as if you need a substantial amount of work it would enable us to carry out several dental procedures at the same appointment, minimising your stress and anxiety.

Sleep Comfortably through Your Treatment

Sedation dentistry usually involves drugs being given intravenously as this provides the most precise control over the level of sedation, and helps ensure that we can keep you comfortable right throughout your visit as you will be put into something that’s called a twilight sleep. This is where you’ll still be able to breathe on your own, and you may even be aware of your surroundings but you won’t feel at all anxious. Instead you’ll be in a state of deep relaxation, and afterwards you’ll have very little or even zero memory of your treatment. You need to spend a bit of time afterwards in our dental surgery until the anaesthetic has worn off, but this is generally no longer than an hour and you shouldn’t feel nauseous.

Imagine being able to wake up with your treatment completed, and within a very short time you could be well on your way to having a new smile. There’s absolutely no need to be concerned about sedation dentistry as you will be closely monitored at all times, but you will need to make sure you have a family member or a friend who can stay with you for the rest of the day. Sleep sedation in Dublin is only a phone call away. If you’re not quite ready to make that appointment, then Dr Helen Walsh and Dr Nick Beirne have put together a short seven day e-mail course to help you overcome your dental fears using simple techniques. The course can be accessed through the website.