This was emailed to the office this morning by one of our patients, so glad we could help.

As a person who has a very strong phobia of the dentist and all things dental related,i found myself at a point where a visit to the dentist was absolutely necessary as it was constantly hanging over my head.I did some research online and came across Portobello Dental Clinic and so made an appointment to see Dr Helen Walsh.I have found Dr Walsh and Anna not only to be both professional and highly skilled but also very respectful of my fears and treated me in a sensitive and gentle manner at all times.I had a lot of work done in two seperate visits while under sedation both times.The sedation i would absolutely recommend to anybody who has a strong fear or phobia of the dentist.It’s like being in a very very deep sleep or relaxed state and i have only very vague recollections of my visits there on both those times.I had my iPod plugged in and was barely aware of what was going on.I was under for 2 hours but it felt like 15 minutes or so.The day after each of the treatments, i had absolutely no pain or discomfort whatsoever.This was a brand new experience for me as i had never in my life before been to the dentist without experiencing either pain or discomfort the next day.This time,it was as if nothing had ever happened.The clinic rang the day after the treatments to check that i was ok and not in any pain.I am having more ongoing treatments at the clinic and while i am still nervous,i am not sick to the stomach like i was before.All of the staff have a lovely way with the patients and make the whole experience less frightening.After a lifetime of having bad experiences with dentists and a checkered past with dental visits,i may have just found my dentist for life.


Dr.Helen Walsh’s patient from Dublin

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