Patient: Joanne aged late 30’s/early 40’s has been a patient of Dr. Helen Walsh’s for many years, and they had tried more conservative approaches to improving her smile over many years–all of which worked well but for shorter periods of time than was ideal. She was getting increasingly embarrassed by her smile, and this was affecting her quality of life especially her confidence socially.

Treatment: Porcelain Veneers on 8 teeth.

Cost €600 per veneer–this price was only agreed as this option had been visited initially many years ago, and the original price was honoured to reward her loyalty to Portobello Dental Clinic.
Whitening of her lower/bottom teeth free as whitening treatment just topped up–they were all whitened originally approx. 7 years ago.

Treatment done by Dr. Helen Walsh.

These photographs have not been re-touched.

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