The overwhelming evidence about the safety and effectiveness of tooth whitening products favours the use of hydrogen peroxide, typically carbamide peroxide at between 10-16% strength. This is only licensed for use in Ireland by dentists, and cannot be bought in the shops or beauty salons.  As a result of a recent EU ruling, any use of products which contain high levels of peroxide (>18% carbamide peroxide or equivalent) is now illegal. This means that “Laser bleaching”, or one-hour “power whitening” are no longer available.






Untouched photos of a case treated at Portobello Dental Clinic.


Whitening toothpastes work only to remove surface staining and will not change the underlying colour of the tooth.

It has always been our belief at Portobello Dental Clinic, that “take-home kits”, with a well made custom fitting tray, designed and fabricated to fit exactly to the patient’s mouth and using 10-16% carbamide peroxide are the most effective method of whitening. One hour of whitening is simply not enough time to get a good result.


Our advice about tooth whitening:

1.      Ask for the product used and its concentration

2.      Only go to regulated professionals, i.e. dentists

3.     If in doubt ask for the Dental Council Registration Number

4.      If a light is being used ask why – it has no effect

5.      Any concerns: contact the Irish Medicines Board

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