The current advice is that adult toothpastes should be used for children over 2 years of age, and NO toothpaste before then. This is down to the fluoride content in the toothpastes-proprietary childrens toothpastes do not contain high enough levels of  Fluoride. From a taste perspective, this presents a challenge as most children complain of a burning sensation from the general adult toothpastes (the mint and eucalyptus flavours tend to burn their sensitive and tender gums and mucosa).

But before you panic–Tesco ( and I do not hold shares in this company unfortunately!) Strawberry Ice Cream Flavour toothpaste ticks the boxes for suitable flavour for children and recommended fluoride levels. We recommend that you brush your child’s teeth twice daily, and let them spit out the residue, but try not to let them rinse-thus leaving more fluoride for further topical effect.

Finally, ensure that while you allow your child to brush their teeth themelves, that you, as the parent/carer also brush them—to be sure , to be sure…!

Try to allow enough time to make it an interactive and fun start and end to the day–this can be tricky as all parents know—the morning rush and of course the evening tiredness (of both the parents and children), but remember the benefit of little/no dental treatment is a wonderful gift to give to your child.

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