Enda writes about his dental experience
“To say that I was nervous about going back to the dentist is an understatement. I hadn’t been in several years due to a bad experience, and my teeth were not in good condition. I knew that treatments had come a long way over the years, and there would definitely be improvements that could be made to my own condition, but I also knew they were likely to be costly. Looking back on it know, I was probably as worried about the reaction I’d receive as I was about the actual treatment themselves.

From my first dealings with Portobello Dental Clinic, I started to feel last daunted about the whole situation. I explained that I was nervous about coming in and I was assured that the clinic made allowances for nervous patients where required.
My first session consisted of a thorough check-up and the forming of a suitable treatment plan. On meeting the dentist, Dr. Helen Walsh, I was asked how nervous I would rate myself and assured that the level of anaesthetic would be sufficient to ensure there would be no pain. Being sedated for treatment was also an option, although a more expensive one (could be good if you’re extremely nervous though).
While there was no denying of the poor condition of my teeth, there was no judgement or condemnation – the focus was on the work that needed to be done. 1st hurdle over!

Based on the problems, and the work that would be needed, a treatment plan was constructed which outlined the work, the order and the cost of the basic work. During every treatment, steps were explained if necessary and the dentist ensured I was always comfortable during a treatment. I could stop a treatment at any point (if necessary) by simply raising my hand. The manner of the dentist, the dental nurses – all of the staff – was always excellent – pleasant, polite and caring. First class, I was even called in the days after bigger pieces of work to check that everything was alright and that I was happy with how things had gone.

Where appropriate, the treatment options were presented. Options were presented in terms of the work involved, the benefits of each approach and the cost involved and I would say the advice given was excellent.

Months later, and my main course of treatments have been completed. I couldn’t be happier with the results – amazing, and I’m much happier and more confident as a result. You couldn’t ask for better advice or treatment and I’d definitely recommend Portobello Dental Clinic to anyone.”

Mr. E. McDonagh

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