If you want to straighten your teeth without people knowing about it, you may be aware that there are modern orthodontic solutions that can offer you discreet and quick treatment solutions.

The Six Month Smiles procedure, which uses clear braces with tooth-coloured wires, straightens your teeth in as little as six months on average. By using the latest dental technology, this system uses nickel titanium wires that enable rapid controlled movement of the teeth.

Six Month Smiles focuses on aligning only the top and bottom teeth that show when you smile, known as your ‘social six’. With constant low pressures, your teeth will gently move into place without causing pain or discomfort. This type of treatment is suitable for patients who do not require major bite correction, but rather alignment of crooked teeth.

In order to determine whether you are suitable for this type of treatment, you will need to be assessed by a dentist. After an initial consultation and examination, if you are deemed a suitable candidate for this system, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth and your braces will be made accordingly. Once your braces in Dublin are fitted on your teeth, you will be given special instructions on how to keep your teeth and braces clean and free of plaque build-up during your treatment.

You will then be required to visit the dentist at regular intervals so the progress of your teeth straightening can be checked, and any minor adjustments made. Your dental hygiene will also be checked at these visits to make sure your mouth remains healthy while your teeth are being aligned. Dublin-based Dr Helen Walsh would be very happy to assess your suitability for orthodontic treatment, and will examine your bite. She is very experienced in the modern forms of orthodontic treatments and can assess your suitability for braces. Dublin’s Portobello Dental Clinic can ensure you feel confident showing off your smile and that any problems with your bite are corrected. Please call 01 454 2022 to book an appointment.

Our opening hours are 8am to 8pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and 8am to 6pm on Tuesdays and 8am to 5pm on Friday and 10am to 3pm on Saturdays. Visit our website: www.portobellodental.ie for more information. If you’re looking for Six Month Smiles in Dublin, Portobello Dental Clinic can enhance your smile using this discreet method!

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