Orthodontics in Dublin

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What's Involved

Orthodontic treatment with 6 Month Smiles

After you have had an extensive oral health assessment carried out by we at Portobello Dental Clinic to ensure that you are dental ready for Orthodontic treatment, and the 6 Month Smiles system of Orthodontic treatment decided upon-a number of visits will be scheduled for you:

Impression visit:

Impressions of your top and bottom teeth are taken, as well a number of photographs to document your treatment. These impressions of your teeth and a list of instructions specific to your mouth and treatment needs are sent to the relevant laboratory for your Orthodontic braces to be processed. With the Six Month Smiles brace, the bracket positions and relevant nickel titanium wires are chosen on an individual basis, and secured to your mouth models, ready to be fitted to your teeth. This is done using an advanced 3-D computer imaging technology.

Fit Braces visit:

This next visit to we, usually 3-4 weeks after the impressions have been taken, the tooth coloured brackets are cemented on to your teeth using dental adhesive materials (all of this adhesive is removed when the braces are being taken off at the end of your course of treatment). Tooth slenderisation (also known as IPR-inter-proximal reduction) is normally done at this visit-this is where a minimal amount of tooth slenderisation/trimming between the teeth is done to facilitate the movement of the teeth-i.e. to allow them to slide gently and evenly around each other. The tooth coloured wires are secured to the tooth coloured brackets by using tiny elasticated clear bands.

Watch how we put your braces on:

Interim visits/review visits:

The brackets are fixed to your teeth and so therefore cannot be removed for eating or cleaning. Total treatment time averages 6-9 months for the fixed orthodontic braces. You'll be scheduled to visit us approximately every 4-6 weeks to ensure that your treatment is progressing as planned.

Final Visit:

Congratulations! After between 6 and 9 months of wearing the cosmetic fixed Orthodontic braces as prescribed you're finished, and you now have the beautiful smile you've always wanted. We use permanent retention for every orthodontic patient-this will be in the form of a discreet wire bonded to the inside of your teeth, as well as a clear aligner worn at night.

Watch how we take your braces off: