Sedation For Dentistry

    • Dental Phobia:

      We promise to see you on time, and to listen and record your fears and concerns.

      Everybody’s dental phobia or apprehension of dental treatment is different. Even though there are many similar themes, the way different people react to their fear or to dental treatment is different, and therefore the treatment options for each patient are different.

      Therefore as dentists with an interest in treating dental phobics it is essential that we treat you, the patient as an individual and customise your treatment to your specific needs.

      Usually the most difficult step for the patient is making the commitment to visit the dentist for that initial appointment. At Portobello Dental Clinic we are very conscious of this and we realize and appreciate the importance of that commitment.

      All our dentists have studied and qualified with the Society for the Advancement of Anaesthesia in Dentistry and have experience in administering Oral and IV sedation. More importantly we share the philosophy that dental treatment can and should be carried out as painlessly and comfortably as possible, in an attempt to create a manageable situation for patients who are apprehensive over visiting the dentist.

    • One of the techniques we use to treat very nervous patients is what is known as Conscious Sedation.
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