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Feb 2011

Sept 2011

Patient: Alison aged 50+ years had been troubled by her smile for many years, and now can’t stop smiling!!!

Treatment: 6 month smiles from Feb 2011 to Sept 2011

Cost: €2600

Dentist: Dr Helen Walsh

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This 25 year old patient broke his front tooth playing football; he was naturally upset and at first glance, it looks pretty bad. In the past, we would have needed a crown to repair it

In the past, we would have needed a crown to repair it, but with modern cosmetic bonding materials, we can add directly to the broken tooth and craft the material to the exact shape and colour of the original. This was done in a single appointment, on the same day as the injury occurred.

These photographs are untouched

Treatment : Cosmetic Bonding upper right central incisor

Cost : €275

Treatment time: 60 minutes

Cosmetic Dentist: Dr Nicholas Beirne

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Neil sports this week’s smile of the week as he picks up his prize of an Oral B Triumph toothbrush worth over €165

Neil won our Facebook “toothbrush tag” competition;  if you entered but didn’t win this time around look out for another one next month!
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April 2011
April 2011

September 2011
September 2011

Patient: 40+ year old female who presented with “crooked” front teeth, that had been a source of frustration for her for many years.

Treatment: Six Month Smiles Orthodontic braces for 5 months—fixed tooth coloured braces which are adjusted every month.

Cost: €2600

Dentist: Dr. Helen Walsh

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This patient, 23 years of age, presented as she was unhappy with her smile. She didn’t want to go the traditional orthodontic treatment route, over a 2 year course, as she was looking for a ‘quick fix’. She went to a dentist in Turkey, who made a treatment plan consisting of two extractions and 15 units of bridgework! A very destructive treatment plan, especially since the patient had perfectly healthy teeth!!

The patient saw the fault of this treatment plan, and decided to go with something a bit more conservative. We used the 6 month smiles technique to correct her mis-aligned teeth, adjusting her orthodontic wires every month.

She is now whitening her teeth, to give them that extra wow-factor. Needless to say, the patient is delighted with the life changing results.

Duration of treatment: 8 months

Dentist: Dr. Riley Lewis
Cost €2600

This patient was very conscious of her rotated front central incisor teeth.  These teeth protruded her lip, and made her other front teeth look darker.  She opted for Six Month Smiles on the upper teeth only.  After 7 months, the teeth look great! She is delighted with the results.  The after picture shows the permanent retainer we place to ensure the teeth stay in place!

Cost: €1900 payable over the duration of her treatment.

Treatment done by Dr Riley Lewis.

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In dentistry, there are a number of different solutions to every problem; in fact deciding which treatment is best suited for each individual patient can be as challenging as actually carrying out the treatment.

This patient did not like the appearance of her smile, in fact she had hated it for most of her life, and hardly ever smiled. When I aksed her why she had never done something about it before, she told me that she was worried:�
a) it would cost too much
b) it would take too long
c) she absolutely did not want braces
d) she wanted them to look better – they didn’t have to look “perfect”

We discussed all the ways to improve her smile, and decided to use advanced dental bonding techniques to add to the teeth and close the spaces. This treatment is inexpensive, can be carried out in one appointment and does not involve braces, so it was ideal for her.

Treatment time: 3 hours
Treatment cost: €920
Treatment carried out by:Dr Nicholas Beirne 

More information on Cosmetic Dentistry

This patient never liked the look of her teeth; They were slightly crooked due to minor crowding. She was happy with the look of her lower teeth; thus opted for six month smiles on the upper teeth only. After 5 months, she was delighted with the results, and the braces came off.

Cost: €1900 payable over the duration of her treatment.

Treatment done by Dr Riley Lewis.

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This patient hated to smile because of how her lateral incisors stuck out. She opted for Six Month Smiles, and got her fantastic results in only 3 months! The results were fantastic for such a short amount of time, and has transformed the patients face, and personality. She is now very happy to smile!

Cost: €1800 payable over the duration of her treatment.

Treatment done by Dr Riley Lewis.

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Patient: Sinead aged 41 yrs was bothered by the appearance of her left lateral incisor(next to her left front tooth).

Treatment: Inman aligner worn for 12 weeks.

Cost: €1700

Dentist: Dr. Helen Walsh