Smiles of the Week

Ian came to us unsatisfied with his smile and knowing he had dental work outstanding.

We consulted with him and formulated a plan that suited him. Ian had some restorative work that needed to be completed first to ensure his teeth and gums were healthy and following this Ian had short term orthodontics and 3 anterior crowns with one veneer.

The whole process took 7 months to complete and Ian attended for his final review appointment this week.

The results speak for themselves!

What I like about this case is the effect the smile has on Ian’s face and confidence as a whole! Well worth the time and effort, well done Ian!

ianpresmileianpostsmile ianpreface ianpostface

All work carried out over a 7 month period by Dr Ed Madeley of Portobello Dental Clinic.

(No photoshop or retouching of the photos)



Patient: J, a lady in her late 20’s/early 30’s presented with what she described as a “snaggle” lower tooth.

JM pre ortho 3


Treatment: This case was more complex than normal, as some cross-bite correction was required to get her lower tooth into the correct position and bring her upper teeth outside her bite. Mild crowding of both upper and lower teeth was present also. We delivered a fantastic result for her with short term Orthodontics, and when we saw her wedding photos afterwards, she was sporting a beaming smile.

Joanne Mulligan post ortho 12

Dentist: Dr Helen Walsh

Cost and duration of treatment: € 2995 payable over the duration of the treatment, and we delivered this result in just under six months.

No re-touching of photographs has been done.

pre ortho 4 Helen

Patient: H (not me!) had her wedding plans under control, and of course her smile and teeth were a big part of it.

Treatment: Six month smiles with Dr Helen Walsh

and just 5 months later…………..

post ortho 3 Helen

Cost of treatment: € 2995 which included free whitening, as well as upper and lower fixed and removable retainers.


No re-touching of photographs has been done.


pre bonding 2 andrea

Patient: Andrea Byrne, a journalist aged in her 20’s was concerned re the appearance of her lateral incisor–the tooth next to HER left front tooth(on the right in this photo)

and immediately after treatment (hence the slightly lop-sided smile!!):

Treatment: Cosmetic Bonding on her upper left lateral incisor.

Dentist: Dr Helen Walsh

post bonding 5 andrea

So she was all ready to dance up the aisle with her new smile–we hope she had a fantastic day!!!

No re-touching of photographs has been done.



gk pre ortho 2





Geraldine Kettle before ortho

Patient: G in her 30’s was very unhappy with her smile, and her oral health.

Treatment: Before any Orthodontics could be started, we had to complete her general dentistry requirements, treat some gum/periodontal disease, and establish and monitor good oral hygiene practice. After a number of treatments over some months, we were ready to start orthodontic treatment.


gk post ortho 2


Cost and duration of treatment: € 2995 for the orthodontics, and separate fees for the gum treatments and fillings etc. Preparatory dentistry took 8 months to complete whilst the Orthodontics took 7 months.


Dentist: Dr Helen Walsh.


No re-touching of photographs has been done.


pre ortho 9

Patient: S in her 30’s presented with a number of dental problems including crowded teeth.

Treatment: Removal of caries and periodontal supportive therapy, followed after assessment of  maintenance, Orthodontics-in this case Six Month Smiles.

Duration of treatment: initial therapy to get dentally fit for Orthodontic treatment took approximately 8 months, followed by 7 months in braces.

Cost of Treatment: Orthodontics cost €2995 which included fixed and permanent retainers, and upper and lower arch whitening at the end of her treatment.

Dentist: Dr Helen Walsh.


post ortho 1

post ortho 4


 These photographs have not been re-touched.


rc pre 4



Patient: R in her 20’s felt that as well as her teeth being crooked, that she didn’t “show enough tooth” when smiling, and her upper lip                 support could be better, giving a fuller smile.

Treatment: Short term orthodontics at Portobello Dental Clinic.

Duration of treatment: Six months.

Cost of treatment: € 2995 which included fixed and removable retainers, and upper and lower full arch whitening at the end of her treatment.

Dentist: Dr.Helen Walsh


rc post 3


These photographs have not been re-touched.

Patient: Clara in her late 20’s /early 30’s was really self-conscious about her crowded teeth.


clara k pre 2pre ortho 8 claraclara k pre 4


Treatment: Six month smiles with Dr Helen Walsh

Duration of treatment:  7 months and cost € 2995 which included upper and lower fixed bonded retainers as well as removable retainers and full mouth tooth whitening.


Immediately after treatment, but before whitening:


post ortho 11 clara


She looks amazing and we wish her lots of happiness and confidence with her new smile.


No re-touching of photographs ahas been done.


MC pre ortho

Patient: M in her late 20’s/early 30’s wanted to show off her healthy, beautiful teeth without having to undergo invasive treatment.

MC post ortho


Solution: Short term orthodontics with Dr Helen Walsh, over approximately six months.


Mairead Cassidy post ortho 1

Cost:  € 2995 (payable in installments) which includes fixed and removable retainers, as well as full mouth whitening .


The result speaks for itself……….and M was very happy with her new smile.


No re-touching of any photographs has been done.

See for yourself what can be achieved in just a couple of visits.

Cosmetic bonding is a very conservative treatment, there’s no enamel removal, and no need for anaesthetic.


Before cosmetic bonding


Same case just a few weeks later (no makeup!)
























Treatment : Tooth Whitening and cosmetic bonding

Treatment carried out by : Dr Nicholas Beirne

Number of appointments: 3

Cost: €1,200