Smiles of the Week

I love the part of my job where I get to show patients their new smile,and their reaction when they see it.

When I look over the photographs afterwards, I’m amazed to see that it’s not just the teeth that looks better, but people always smile a bigger and brighter smile when they feel confident about their teeth.

Take this case for example – Patient “T” did not like her crooked teeth and wanted to improve their appearance. We used six month smiles to straighten them; but when you look at the photos, notice how more confident and full her smile is!

Smile before
Before 6 month smiles
After 6 month smiles






















Treatment : Six month smiles

Treatment carried out by: Dr Nicholas Beirne

Treatment time: 6 months

Cost of treatment: €2,995

Ms L wanted her smile improved for her upcoming wedding.

She was unhappy with the appearance of her teeth claiming they were ‘crooked‘ and the tips of the teeth were see-through.

Ms L’s smile before treatment:










With Ms L we elected to straighten her teeth with 6 month smiles and on removal of the short term braces we placed some bonding on the inside of her incisors to give a less ‘see-through’  appearance.












The treatment took just under 6 months in total and Ms L is ready to go down the aisle!

Clinician: Dr Ed Madeley

Treatment Cost: Just under €3300 (including upper and lower braces, fixed and removable orthodontic retainers, cosmetic bonding & whitening)

Treatment Time: 5 1/2 months

(no adjustment to the photos has been made)

smile before



These photographs are untouched – (and this is the same person just 9 months later!)




Treatment : I did not like his crooked front teeth; he wanted them straightened, but did not want to wear metal braces for two years 🙂

We discussed all the treatment options and opted for six month smiles because of the short treatment time, cosmetic tooth-coloured braces and excellent results.

Treatment carried out by: Dr Nicholas Beirne

Treatment time: 9 months

Cost of treatment: €2,995 including all orthodontic treatment,  hygienist cleaning and tooth whitening after treatment, and all permanent and removable retainers.



Treatment : N did not like her irregular front teeth and there were old and unsightly white fillings in two of them

We discussed all the treatment options including porcelain crowns, veneers and cosmetic bonding. We felt that cosmetic bonding would be best because :
a) it is possible to do in a single appointment,
b) reduced cost compared to other treatments,
c) although not quite as cosmetic as porcelain veneers, it is still possible to get a very good aesthetic result.
The teeth were whitened over a two week course, then reshaped using cosmetic re-contouring techniques and repaired using cosmetic bonding.

Treatment carried out by: Dr Nicholas Beirne

Treatment time: Whitening over 2 weeks, followed by cosmetic bonding in a single appointment

Cost of treatment: €740

full pic after 29301

Patient: Oxana in her 20’s felt very self-consciuos about her canine (eye/fang) teeth but didnt want to wear braces as a teenager.

 before 29301

 Treatment: Six month smiles orthodontics with Dr Helen Walsh

after 29301

Duration of treatment: 9 months

Cost : € 2995 which includes upper and lower fixed bonded retainers, upper and lower removable retainers, full mouth tooth whitening, and extended hygienist treatment and advice at the end of her orthodontics.

No re-touching of photographs has been done.

Needless to say, Oxana is thrilled with her result.


28948 BEFORE


Patient: E, a lady in her late 20’s early 30’s wanted some subtle  changes to the alignment of her teeth. Whilst these changes can seem slight from this angle, her fromt teeth were turned in towards each other, and fan-tailed out at the ends.

Treatment: Six Month Smiles Orthodontics with Dr Helen Walsh was the treatment we decided upon together.

28948post ortho post bleach  2


Duration of treatment: 7 months.

Cost: € 2995 which included extensive hygiene treatmnet on the last visit, fixed bonded retainers, removable retainers, and full mouth whitening treatment.

NO re-touching of photographs has been done.


28967  pre ortho 4

Patient: Vicki, aged in her 20’s knew that her lovely teeth could look so much better if they were straighter, so she came to Porotbello Dental Clinic.

Treatment: After consideration of all the options, we decided on six month smiles for her top and bottom teeth…..

28967 post ortho pre bleach 4

……and is truly delighted with the result.

Dentist: Dr Helen Walsh

Duration of treatment:  6.5 months

Cost: € 2995 (includes double hygienist treatment at end of treatment and whitening)

NO re-touching of photographs has been done.

29795 pre ortho 3

Patient: J – a lady in her 40+ years, with her family reared decided to focus on herself for a change and treat herself to straighter teeth, which she had always dreamed of. She wanted the convenience of being able to remove it for social occasions though.

Treatment: Inman Aligner worn for 20 hours per day for a minimum of 12 weeks.

29795 post ortho 4

Duration of treatment : 13 weeks.

Dentist : Dr. Helen Walsh

Cost : € 1700 payable over the course of the treatment.

No re-touching of photos has been done.


Ben pre bonding feb 2013

Patient: Ben in his 20’s fractured the tip of his top right front tooth, and also wanted the slightly crooked tooth next to his left front tooth bonded to appear straighter.

BEN post bonding 5

Treatment: Cosmetic Bonding with Dr Helen Walsh

Treatment time: 45 mins

Cost: € 230

No re-touching of protographs has been done.


without CB 30455
Before treatment
30455 after
After whitening and cosmetic bonding








These photographs are untouched





Treatment : This patient did not like her uneven front teeth, she felt that the edges of the teeth were jagged and looked crooked. She also felt that the colour could be improved.

We discussed all the treatment options including orthodontics, porcelain veneers and cosmetic bonding. The patient preferred cosmetic bonding because  :
a) it is possible to do in a single appointment,
b) reduced cost compared to other treatments

After whitening the teeth, cosmetic bonding was performed on the four front teeth, & cosmetic re-contouring of the two adjacent canine teeth to smooth them.

Treatment carried out by: Dr Nicholas Beirne

Treatment time: Whitening for 4-6 weeks followed by cosmetic bonding and re-contouring in a single appointment

Cost of treatment: €1,180