Smiles of the Week

Portobello Dental Clinic are extremely excited to anounce that we are open for dental treatment next weekend and ALL proceeds of the day are being donated to the Make A Wish Foundation.

Yes-its true-the 4 dentists, 2 hygienists, all the nurses and receptionists at Portobello Dental Clinic are going to work on a voluntary basis next Saturday, July 7th , 2012.

We would love you to join us on the day, either for a chat or for treatment, and support this initiative—all you need to do is contact us at or on 01-4542022 for further details of how to sponsor our charity event.

Before treatment
After just one appointment!

These photographs are untouched

Treatment : This patient did not like her discoloured front teeth, and the failing composites which had been placed some years beforehand. We discussed all the treatment options including porcelain crowns, veneers and cosmetic bonding. She decided to opt for cosmetic bonding because :
a) it is possible to do in a single appointment,
b) reduced cost compared to other treatments,
c) although not quite as cosmetic as porcelain veneers, it is still possible to get a very good aesthetic result.
Cosmetic bonding was performed on the two front teeth in a single appointment. These composites are a big improvement on the originals, but it is likely that they will need to be replaced in about 7-8 years’ time

Treatment carried out by: Dr Nicholas Beirne

Treatment time: Single appointment (+ whitening)

Cost of treatment: €480

Congratulations to Evan Doherty, winner of the twitter toothbrush tag competition.

Evan is sporting this week’s smile of the week as he picks up an Oral B Triumph electric toothbrush worth over €200

Before bonding

After just one visit!

These photographs are untouched

Treatment : This patient had short and rotated lateral incisors (the teeth either side of the two front teeth). She did not like the way that this made her smile look uneven with big gaps between the teeth. We discussed all the treatment options including porcelain veneers, short term orthodontics, and cosmetic bonding. She chose cosmetic bonding because of its quick treatment time (single appointment) and reduced cost. Cometic composites were placed on the two lateral incisors and canine teeth to reduce the gaps and to make the teeth more level. Matching the shade of the composite exactly to that of the surrounding teeth can be one of the biggest challenges in dentistry, but if done correctly, the results can be dramatic.

Treatment carried out by: Dr Nicholas Beirne

Treatment time: Single appointment

Cost of treatment: €840

Patient : Karen in her thirties wanted straighter teeth for her wedding—the timeline was tight, but we delivered on our promise of getting her teeth straight on time!!!

Treatment: Six Month Smiles Orthodontics

Duration of treatment:  5 months–done with a month to spare—phew!!!

Dentist: Dr. Helen Walsh

Cost : €2600

No re-touching of photos has been done.

Patient: Kerry aged 30+ was unhappy with the gaps between her upper front teeth, and uneven lower front teeth.

Treatment: Six Month Smiles Orthodontics

Duration of treatment: 6 months

Cost €2600

Dentist: Dr. Helen Walsh.

No re-touching of photographs has been done.

R did not like the appearance of his front teeth; he felt that they looked too yellow, and he didn’t like the space between the two front teeth.

We discussed a number of ways to improve his smile, including tooth whitening and cosmetic bonding, but chose porcelain veneers for maximum cosmetic effect.



Treatment: Tooth whitening and 6 Authentic porcelain veneers

Treatment time: 3 weeks

Treatment cost: Euro currency symbol4,850

Treatment carried out by: Dr Nicholas Beirne

Patient: Carina aged 22 years was unhappy with her smile.

Treatment: 6 month smiles-this transformation took exactly six months .

Cost: €2600 payable over the duration of the treatment.

Treatment done by Dr Helen Walsh.

No re-touching of photographs has been done.

Patient : Eva aged in her 20’s

Treatment: Six month smiles orthodontic treatment with Dr Helen Walsh (completed Jan 2012)

Cost : €2600

These photos were taken immediately after treatment-Eva is undergoing tooth whitening for th final wow factor—watch out for those photos on this site!!

Patient: Sinead aged 22

Treatment: Six Month Smiles with Dr Helen Walsh.

Cost: €2600 payable over the course of the treatment.

Treatment time: 5 months.

Photos taken on day braces removed–hence the inflamed gums.