Teeth Whitening


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Treatment : This patient had a chipped and broken front tooth which affected her smile. We whitened all her teeth and added cosmetic bonding resin to the tip of her broken front tooth. What I love about this case is that it is conservative; the health of the mouth and teeth are prioiritised because the teeth are not damaged, cut or prepared in any way during treatment.
It also looks pretty good!

Treatment carried out by: Dr Nicholas Beirne

Treatment time: 1 hour (+ whitening)

Cost of treatment: €520

These photographs are untouched

Treatment : This patient had short and discoloured lateral incisors (the teeth either side of the two front teeth). We discussed all the treatment options and decided to opt for cosmetic bonding. The teeth were all whitened and then cometic composites were placed on the two lateral incisors. Matching the shade of the veneers exactly to that of the surrounding teeth can be one of the biggest challenges in dentistry, but if done correctly, the results can be fantastic.

Treatment carried out by: Dr Nicholas Beirne

Treatment time: 2 hours (+ whitening)

Cost of treatment: €800

Patient: Noel, aged late 20’s /early 30’s has been a patient of Dr Helen Walsh for the last 10 years, and had at many times considered some cosmetic work on his front teeth, which had been fractured as a child, and repaired regularly in the intervening years. He was mostly concerned about the actual treatment involved, though cost, as with everyone was an issue also.

Treatment:He finally decided to go ahead and have cosmetic work started on his teeth in November 2010. We started by whitening all his teeth, including the damaged front teeth, and then when we were happy with the colour he achieved, we prepared 3 of his front teeth for porcelain crowns, and 1 for a porcelain veneer.These were fitted in February 2011.
Noel is so happy with the treatment and care provided, and wishes he did this a long time ago–see his video testimonial on our site re this.

Duration of treatment: Nov 2010 to Feb 2011

Cost : €349 whitening, followed by 3 super aesthetic Porcelain Crowns and 1 Porcelain Veneer €2,893

Treatment done by: Dr. Helen Walsh.

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Patient: Mark aged 27 years was concerned about the crowding that had begun to appear with his lower front teeth.

Treatment: Inman Aligner worn over his lower teeth for 20 hours per day for just six weeks.
Mark had whitening treatment done after his orthodontic treatment was completed.

Cost: €1700 for the Inman Aligner–payments were spread over the duration of treatment (in this case this was just 6 weeks, but this can take up to 3 months–so payment can be made over this time).
€349 whitening treatment

Treatment done by Dr. Helen Walsh.

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Patient: Joanne aged late 30’s/early 40’s has been a patient of Dr. Helen Walsh’s for many years, and they had tried more conservative approaches to improving her smile over many years–all of which worked well but for shorter periods of time than was ideal. She was getting increasingly embarrassed by her smile, and this was affecting her quality of life especially her confidence socially.

Treatment: Porcelain Veneers on 8 teeth.

Cost €600 per veneer–this price was only agreed as this option had been visited initially many years ago, and the original price was honoured to reward her loyalty to Portobello Dental Clinic.
Whitening of her lower/bottom teeth free as whitening treatment just topped up–they were all whitened originally approx. 7 years ago.

Treatment done by Dr. Helen Walsh.

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Patient: Brian aged 33 years was unhappy with the shape and colour of his teeth. After discussing various options including Orthodontics, we decided to do a course of tooth whitening followed by cosmetic bonding of his front teeth to change their shape.

Treatment: Tooth Whitening followed by Cosmetic Tooth Bonding.

Duration of treatment:  Slow-release whitening followed by one visit in the chair for Cosmetic Bonding.

Cost: €349 Whitening and €600 Cosmetic Bonding.

Treatment done by Dr. Helen Walsh.

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Treatment : This patient was not happy with the look of her front teeth and smile.  She came in interested in veneering her front teeth to give herself an instant smile makeover.  We were on a time schedule, as the patient was getting married in the upcoming months.

As her teeth were very healthy, and had a nice shape, I advised the patient that veneers would likely be too drastic and damaging to her dentition.  She was a perfect candidate for the Inman Aligner.

After 12 weeks of wearing the appliance, and one week of bleaching, the patient has a perfect, beautiful smile in time for the wedding photos

Treatment Carried out by Dr Riley Lewis

Treatment time: 5 visits over 14 weeks
Cost of treatment: €1,700

Patient: Jeff, a good looking guy, aged 31 years was really embarrassed by his discoloured teeth–until he visited us at Portobello Dental Clinic–he confidence is now amazing, and he socialises regularly.

Treatment:  Slow release whitening

Duration of treatment: maximum 24 nights.

Treatment carried out by Dr Helen Walsh.

Cost : €349

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